Light Duty  
½, ¾, & 1 ton truck / 1 or 2 ton flat deck – $1.25 / km and $75 / HR Standby 

Above rates are for Alberta only.  Out of province hauling will be quoted on a per case basis.

1 or 2 ton flat deck, & trailer – $145.00 hr
2 ton flat deck & T09 trailer (big red) – $165.00 (this trailer is good for up to 22,000 lbs on the deck)       
Truck and Heated LD Trailer – $155.00 hr

Heavy Duty
Winch Tractor 30 ton Tandem w/ Trombone Step – $235.00 hr
Semi & Trailer – $195.00 hr
Semi and special combination trailer for heavier loads – Quoted per load. 

Straight Tractor Service 
Tractor Tandem w/ Wet kit – $165.00 hr
Tractor Tandem – $135.00 hr

Swamper/Extra Driver – $65.00 hr
Stand by Heated LD Trailer Only – $105.00 hr
Standby Day Rate – $1750 Day Rate
LTL Freight – Negotiated at time of contract
Statutory holidays charged at additional per man $50.00 per hour

*1 ton flat deck can carry up to 7000 lbs on the deck*

**2 ton flat deck can carry up to 9000 lbs on the deck**

​​​We have set ourselves apart from other Canadian trucking companies and U.S.A trucking companies. With over 20 years of service in the trucking and logistics industry, we know how to get the job done right. We are the logical choice for all your transport needs.

our rates

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