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​We believe policy is what we do, not what we say. The health and safety of our workforce is of paramount importance. Being safe is a critical aspect of the work we all do, but it’s not just about saying it. It’s about living it every day.

We take or personnel and customer's products safety very seriously. That is why we have invested the money to be able to make sure every man, woman, and truck makes it home, and every load gets delivered with safety at the forefront!

We have set ourselves apart from other Canadian trucking companies and U.S. trucking companies.

We are the logical choice for dependable service at fair prices.


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We require anyone working with us to understand and work by our policies and practices. We stress the importance of safe driving and demand an alcohol free and drug free workplace.

We have eight safety commitments that guide how we conduct our business. All eight are critical to reinforcing the behaviour and attitude we want to see in our staff, but the first one best illustrates our commitment to safety:

1. Our work is never too urgent or important that we cannot do it safely.

2. All injuries are preventable.

3. Everyone is obligated and empowered to refuse unsafe work conditions or requests with out repercussions.

4. Everyone is obligated to raise concerns about unsafe conditions and report it immediately.

5. All levels of supervision are accountable for safety performance.

6. Employee and contractor commitment is essential to safety performance.

7. Excellence in safety leads to excellence in business.

8. Safety attitude off the job is as important as on the job.

IS Networld Registered – 400-173924    *    Comply Works Registered – 1010588    *    PICS Registered – 24757    *    US DOT 1812999, MC-658909-P



We provide our employees, suppliers, contractors and consultants the information and tools they need to work safely. Our work is never too urgent or important that we cannot do it safely.

our eight Safety commitments




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